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Lost in the woods of evil ‘Beacon Point’ – movie review



All across this great country of ours people go on hiking trails everyday. No matter if it’s a quick two hour hike or a full day voyage usually there aren’t too many things to be afraid of. Maybe a few spiders, some ticks, a snake or two. For the trail hikers in BEACON POINT the same cannot be said. What starts off as a 10 day hike into the beautiful Appalachian Mountains becomes a route into hell. The Eric Blue films has loads of intrigue and entertainment with a solid story base wrapped around a BLAIR WITCH styled backdrop.

BEACON POINT follows Drake(Jon Briddell) a trail guide with a hard pressed history. He is taking a small group led by Zoe (Rae Oliver) into the backwoods and promises them his tour will be better than the Disneyland version they are expecting. After a slow dredge of character development things start to pick up as nightmares and more seem to be more realistic than expected.  BEACON POINT doesn’t inspire anything new into the genre but is still a more than entertaining watch. A lot of that has to do with the mystery that surrounds the group as the viewer tries to understand the danger they are in. There are moments when the pack has their differences that could move a tad bit faster but it’s not to a point where it turns away the audience.

For some the way BEACON POINT ends will leave you hanging or satisfy you just enough. There is clearly more to the story here but if nothing surfaces after this film then viewers should be ok with catering to the unexplainable. For fans that need a horror film straight to the point this may not be for you. Those that like cliff hanging ended will enjoy what’s to offer in the strange and mysterious film.

3 / 5

BEACON POINT is directed by Eric Blue and stars Rae Olivier, Jon Briddell, Eric Goins, Jason Burkey, and RJ Shearer. It will be available on VOD on May 2nd courtesy of Uncork’d Entertainment.



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