Horror Music

Druid Underground goes pink with the release of ‘The Taint’ soundtrack


We aren’t sure where you can play it but damn it looks pretty sweet. Back in 2011 Troma released the low budget gore filled epic THE TAINT. The Drew Bolduc feature involves men turning into killers after drinking tainted water. The music from the film is a synth driven project that would make any Drive Radio Youtube subscriber happy. The soundtrack is on a limited edition pink cassette tape and a details on how you can obtain one below. Also submissions are now available for the upcoming Druid Underground Film Festival.

Tainted water turns men into misogynistic killers in the 2011 ultraviolent no-budget award-winning horror comedy, THE TAINT, an over-the-top explosion of weird jokes and gore with a wild synthesizer soundtrack to match.

Composed by writer-director Drew Bolduc the cassette features the music of Philip Heesen III, Robert King, Brian Beck and Chris Bolduc.

In collaboration with director Drew Bolduc, Druid Underground Film Fest exclusive release is the full soundtrack with bonus tracks on a “Taint Pink” colored cassette featuring reversible Japanese alternative cover art.

Collectible Hand Numbered Limited Edition of 500 with certificate of authenticity- These Baby’s Won’t Last!



ONLY $10 (Cheap!)

The Taint movie available from Troma Entertainment



Filmmakers, April 22 is the Last Minute Deadline CALL FOR ENTRIES for the 10th Anniversary exhibition tour of the Druid Underground Film Festival / SUBMIT YOUR FILM HERE:




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