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This land is their land ‘Chupacabra Territory’ – DVD review


CHUPACABRA TERRITORY / Maltauro Entertainment,

Whenever you watch an episode of SCOOBY DOO you are a reminded of the perils that meddling kids can face. While it always ends up being some disgruntled townie wearing a mask, in other scenarios it might not be as plush. If you hit the forest to go camping this summer and are warned by a person to stay away from these woods maybe what happens to the crew of CHUPACABRA TERRITORY will remind you of just that. Currently on DVD, Blu ray and exclusively streaming on Flixfling the Matthew McWilliams film is a sure fire reminder to leave that which should be left alone, alone.
CHUPACABRA TERRITORY starts the very talented Sarah Nicklin and follows her, a cameraman and two friends on the hunt for the legendary beast. There is a particular campsite where a group was mutilated by some type of creature and the group sets its sights on finding something there. Numerous warnings do nothing to sway the bunch but as the journey goes on a new level of fear is reached as they find out they aren’t alone in those woods. The film is pretty much your standard run of the mill found footage flick. Not too much shaky camera syndrome which makes it a decent watch. You normal fighting in the woods over directions and found items are all here in a movie that just breezes by.

CHUPACABRA TERRITORY / Maltauro Entertainment,

Overall there is nothing that stands out about CHUPACABRA TERRITORY but also there aren’t too many horrible parts either. We weren’t really a fan of the blood spatter aspect found through the film but it wasn’t annoying to say the least. The idea of the chupacabra has been done countless times in horror and similar to the new jersey devil no film has put the ultimate stamp on the genre. Not a bad watch but don’t expect too much!


2.5 / 5


CHUPACABRA TERRITORY is directed by Matt McWilliams and stars Sarah Nicklin, Michael Reed, Megan Hensley, Julianne Tura and Pierre Kennel.


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