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Some mysteries have no resolve ‘Phoenix Forgotten’ – movie review


UFO sightings have their own place in history among conspiracy theorists and the like. While there are countless links to possible evidence of alien encounters back in 1997 the southwest region thought the arrival was well on it’s way. The story of the Phoenix Lights revved up many radars on ET hunters but also had tons of debunkers claiming them to be anything from military flares to strange natural occurrences. No matter how you feel on the subject the story lives on and is the focal point on the feature from Justin Barber film PHOENIX FORGOTTEN. FORGOTTEN is a well crafted mockumentary sci fi flick that creates surprising results along the lines of the first BLAIR WITCH PROJECT.

In the film we follow Sophie (Florence Hartigan) who is looking for answers to the unexplained disappearance of her brother and his two friends. On that fateful night in March of 1997 Josh (Luke Spencer Roberts) became obsessed with the lights and along with friends Ashley (Chelsea Lopez) and Mark (Justin Matthews) go on a search of truth. The film blends the formats of found footage and documentary well and makes for an entertaining ride. If you are unfamiliar with the original story it seems pretty close to allowing the viewer to think this was a real case study behind it. The parts that become the eyes of Josh’s camera start off as an harmless and nerdy attempt to follow an alien story then becomes a full fledged government cover up. The final scenes of the movie are worth the price of admission but even still beckons the question on how this will be received?


Anytime a found footage film is presented in a larger format with a better budget it always turns out better than its indie counterparts. Still, many viewers will still see it in the same light which could hurt the initial box office results. Overall PHOENIX FORGOTTEN is an entertaining and informative watch. That can’t be said for most films in our genre. The PG-13 rating should do well for the younger audiences which should get a kick out of this film. Check it out if you can!


PHOENIX FORGOTTEN is directed by Justin Barber and stars Florence Hartigan, Chelsea Lopez, Justin Matthews and Luke Spencer Roberts. It will be in theaters everywhere on April 21st courtesy of Cinelou Films.


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