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It’s evolution the way that you waited for someone useful ‘Rupture’ – movie review



Will there ever be a point when humans evolve? If you ask any fan of the hit anime show DRAGONBALL Z they have a clear picture on what the dominate race should look like. Some have even argued that people with heightened senses due to traumatic experience is the key to humans reaching a higher plane. No, i’m not talking about a blind criminal attorney in Hell’s Kitchen but in Steven Shainberg RUPTURE these ideals play out in a horrific matter for one woman. The biggest disconnect with the film is wondering why the viewer should have empathy for the main character as it almost seems like this project is just as devious as the current world she resides in. RUPTURE is a faced paced and confusing film. While it smells like a film that has the potential to be a great sci fi thriller it’s hard to put your thumb on what it’s missing.

The story follows Renee played by Noomi Rapace who is utterly brilliant in her role. As mentioned before she’s already dealing with a tough environment as a divorced mother trying to make ends meet. After taking her son to see his father she is kidnapped by a quiet but direct group of people led by the “bald man” played by Michael Chiklis. We soon find out that he is just a part of an organization headed by Terrence (Peter Stormare) and Dr. Raxlan (Ari Millen). The goal is to tap into something that Renee holds buried inside and the measure to get there are frightening to say the least. Films like FEAR CLINIC come to mind with this concept but RUPTURE is almost too smart with the execution. The deep nature of what the cast is looking to achieve gets lost in Renee’s fight for survival which could have provided more transparency for the film.



RUPTURE has it’s ups and downs as which could provide mixed thoughts. While the film clocks in fairly low timewise the viewer may be left with a “that’s it” moment upon it’s conclusion. We really wanted more to like with RUPTURE but it just didn’t provide enough spark to compete with it’s strange and peculiar story.


RUPTURE is directed by Steven Shainberg and stars Noomi Rapace, Peter Stormare, Kerry Bishe, Ari Millen and Michael Chiklis. It is playing in limited theaters and on demand now courtesy of  AMBI Media Group. 



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