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One final push for werewolf flick ‘BoneHill Road’


Filmmaker Todd Sheets is busy working on his last push for his werewolf flick BONEHILL ROAD. With just a little over a week to go the film is looking to add more effects, more wolves and genre legend Linnea Quigley. While we aren’t too sure on the premise of the film we do know that all practical effects will be used and it’s a throwback in an updated sense. Classics like THE HOWLING, AN AMERICAN WEREWOLF IN LONDON and more are mentioned in the scope of the the film. There are tons of great perks involved in the project so if you are a true werewolf fan, help this film see the light of day. Sheets is behind fantastic efforts such as DREAMING PURPLE NEON so with his love for the sub genre on the line we know he will make this a memorable feature. Click on the link below and read ahead to see if you can help out even if it isn’t with a financial donation!

Indie Werewolf Movie BONEHILL ROAD is raising funds via INDIEGOGO for the next 17 days to bring MORE WEREWOLVES, MORE EFFECTS and to bring special guest star LINNEA QUIGLEY to the film!!!


BONEHILL ROAD is a truly original story, with suspense, scares and splatter all rolled into an incredible package.  A werewolf film in the same style as the original HOWLING, An American Werewolf In London and Dog Soldiers.  A werewolf movie made by people who truly love and understand the genre.  “Werewolves are my favorite monsters of all time.”  Director Todd Sheets said.  “And BONEHILL ROAD is truly my dream project, something I have wanted to do for years.  And now I get my chance.”  Not only will BONEHILL ROAD feature ALL practical special effects and NO CGI, it will also feature one of the great Horror icons of our time, Scream Queen LINNEA QUIGLEY!!!!!!!!!

It is a modern werewolf film, done the classic way.  Bringing back the monster movies we loved for a new generation of Horror fans.  It is both retro and original, a hybrid of styles and ideas that is sure to excite horror audiences both old and new.

The INDIEGOGO campaign is full of incredible perks, many of them include Pre-Orders of the film on DVD, BluRay and even VHS.  There are Soundtrack perks, Signed Scripts, Posters and even Perks that offer props from the film!!!  You can be in the Special Thanks, or be an Associate Producer of the film.  And there are rewards for every level of contribution.

You can contribute to a film made for the RIGHT REASONS, with love, passion and dedication.  A film made by people who truly LOVE monster movies.  No ulterior motives, no money hungry BS.  Just a fun, scary, old school Werewolf movie.  The INDIEGOGO is here:  https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/bonehill-road-old-school-werewolf-film-horror – please help out in any way you can.  Every bit helps.  In this day and age of paint-by-numbers PG-13 horror, contrived big budget ghost movies done by committee and lame torture horror that has been done over and over… why not give the money you would spend on that nonsense to a true HORROR MOVIE…. instead of wasting it on that lame BluRay, give that 20 bucks to people who really care and will appreciate your help.  Every drop will go into ACTUAL production of the film.  “This is my chance to make something that not only will make horror fans proud, will also stand out as a quality monster movie.”  Todd said.  “An exciting, non-stop ride through a living, breathing nightmare that fans of werewolf movies have been waiting for!!!”

If you cannot help with actual money, Todd Sheets and Extreme Entertainment are seeking help in other ways.  Maybe you are a makeup artist with some old werewolf parts laying around, maybe you are a composer or a publicity agent who could contribute time to the project.  Maybe you manage a theater that could screen one of Todd’s other movies to help raise funds or maybe screen Bonehill Road when it is finished.  Everyone is welcome to contact Todd Sheets at Horror25@aol.com.   



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