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Short Film Spotlight ‘Snapchat Night Out Goes HORRIBLY Wrong’

We have showcased all kinds of shorts here at HMU from big budget variations to horror themed music videos. Every once in awhile we come across some things stumbling across the web that has lead to our favorite mentions on this site. While on the horror subreddit of Reddit (dreddit) our HNIC Travis came across a sweet little short. It’s created by Ronan Corrigan but directed by Steve Porter and looks to be the catalyst behind an app he’s trying to invent. The app is called “Cab Grabber” which we are sure just is like Uber for taxi’s in London. He’s got a page that links you to his research on viral marketing which makes the short even more impressive. Snapchat stories have always been the thing that sets the app apart from others so it was a good idea to use this format.

Now, the short seemed to be a collection from a group of friends out on the town. Of course they are looking for a cab but the area they are in isn’t hip t Cab Grabber so they get a ride. As the title suggest things go horriblly wrong. In the words of Travis “this short/marketing campaign, is short , smart and effective”. In just one night we have watched the video amass over 2,000 more viewers which means the word is being spread. Well here we are doing our apart so enjoy!

Snapchat night out goes HORRIBLY wrong


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