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5 underrated horror films that turn our childhood stories into nightmares

Wes Craven once said “Horror movies don’t create fear. They release it”. The best underrated horror movies do not have to rely on blood or over-killings. What they rely on is our curiosities and our everyday fear of the unknown. As children, our curiosities allowed us to see into this unknown. Your parents never saw the dark shadow with raging red eyes and sharp teeth waiting in the corner of the room, or the ghostly form of a little boy that they kept insisting was just your “imaginary friend”. As children, we were the seers into the darkness, the portal to the unknown. Eventually we grow up and lose this ability of sight, but what happens to the monsters that haunted us? What if these “imaginary characters” never left our side and are just waiting for the right moment to reappear and drag us into their world? These movies depict these stories – here are 5 of the most underrated flicks that do it well.

  1. Darkness Falls (2003): The Tooth Fairy was a sweet lady developed to help children deal with the pain of losing a tooth. You put your tooth under your pillow, and wake up the next morning to find a prize. But what happens if you wake up during the middle of the night and disrupt the Tooth Fairy? Darkness Falls follows the story of Kyle Walsh who accidentally woke up from his sleep, in time to see the Tooth Fairy trying to kill him. This movie turns our innocent childhood story into a horrific nightmare.
  2. The Boogeyman (2005): Every culture has one – the Boogeyman. He is the terrifying monster that adults created to make children behave. However, in the 2005 film, The Boogeyman, this childhood story follows Tim into the realities of his adult life. Is the Boogeyman real? Find out in this terrifying story that explores the deepest, darkest corners of our childhood.
  3. Babadook (2014): Hailed by critics but overlooked by horror fans, the Australian/Canadian thriller, Babadook shows what happens when your children’s book comes to life. The Babadook, a character from a mysterious children’s tale that shows up at Amelia’s house, enters the realm of reality and haunts her and her son. Does she heed the warning of her son or does she push it away as child’s play?
  4. Leprechaun (1993): Started in Irish folklore as a bearded man that partakes in acts of mischief, the story and image of the leprechaun came to the United States in association with St. Patrick’s Day. However, in the 1993 film, Leprechaun, a murderous Leprechaun comes to the US seeking revenge after Dan O’Grady steals his pot of gold. With no respect for human life, the Leprechaun wreaks havoc in search for his stolen treasure.
  5. A Christmas Horror Story (2015): He sees you when you’re sleeping, he knows when you’re awake, he knows if you’ve been bad or good, so be good for goodness sake. Santa Claus is the ultimate children’s tale to make bad boys and girls behave throughout the year. But what happens when Santa is the one on the naughty list? A Christmas Horror Story follows four different stories that depict the dark side of Christmas. From Krampus the anti-Santa, to ghost possession, and zombie elves, A Christmas Horror Story is a horror film loved by the critics.

This editorial was created by Sally Keys we hope to have more fantastic pieces from her in the future!


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