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Uncork’d Entertainment snags ‘Alien:Reign of Man’

ALIEN REIGN OF MAN / Uncork’d Entertainment

At the end of last week Uncork’d Entertainment snagged the follow up feature from Justin Price ALIEN REIGN OF MAN. The film continues the story of THE 13TH FRIDAY which is a sci fi flick about a group confronting some nasty aliens. The announcement was made at last week’s Cannes and has Uncork’d handling worldwide distribution of the film. Read ahead for all the details on the acquisition and look for more news on ALIEN: REIGN OF MAN in the coming months!

Home Entertainment and Theatrical Film Distributor Uncork’d Entertainment has acquired world-wide rights to writer-director Justin Price’s Alien: Reign of Man.

Uncork’d President Keith Leopard made the deal with director Price at the recent European Film Market. Galen Christy’s High Octane Pictures will be representing the film at Cannes.

Alien: Reign of Me, Price’s follow-up to the well-received The 13th Friday, is a science-fiction film about a group who find themselves stranded on a distant planet where they come face to face with deadly extra-terrestrials.

Uncork’d President Keith Leopard is happy to be back in business with Price, who he has worked with on several films now including Forsaken, Dark Moon Rising and The Cloth.

“Justin is one of the most gifted and resourceful filmmakers I’ve had the pleasure of working with”, says Leopard. “Not only does Alien: Reign of Me look magnificent, with its out of this world special effects, but it’s a real audience pleaser. We’re both excited for audiences to see it.”

Price adds, “With the state of the industry changing before our eyes, it’s great to have multi-hyphenate distributors like Uncork’d who are daring enough to find the type of unique projects that we are drawn to as creators and that is what audiences are drawn to!”


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