Horror Movie Trailer

Debut teaser for ‘Lost Gully Road’


Hitting the interweb today is the new teaser from filmmaker Donna McRae LOST GULLY ROAD. The feature follows a young lady waiting on the arrival of her sister when the owner of the cabin makes the stay less than unbearable. The teaser is ahead for you to see and we should hear more from LOST GULLY ROAD in the future.

LOST GULLY ROAD tells the story of Lucy, a directionless young woman who travels to a secluded cottage in the forest to wait for her sister.  With no television and little communication with the outside world she spends her days alone and drinking to pass the time. That is, until her unexpected host decides to keep her company…

Lucy is played by Adele Perovic (THE CODE), with supporting cast Eloise Mignon (THE CHERRY ORCHARD), John Brumpton (THE LOVED ONES), and Jane Clifton (PRISONER, CELL BLOCK H).  




LOST GULLY ROAD is directed by Donna McRae, who’s debut film JOHNNY GHOST (2012) was hailed as “Stylistically removed from your average gore film and just as chilling as some of the best “ by Fangoria, called an “immediate classic” by Hellnotes, and given 5 stars from Filmthreat.  

The film features beautiful cinematography from Laszlo Baranyai (HSC, ACS), exquisite production design from visual artist Michael Vale, and a haunting score by Dave Graney and Clare Moore.

Stay tuned for more exciting updates and soon to be announced festival dates.




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