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Horror Movie Night Podcast goes all night for ALS

One of the most revered foundations on the planet is ALS and a very popular podcast is doing their part to keep the awareness alive. HORROR MOVIE NIGHT PODCAST is hosted by Matt Kelly, Scott Roger, and Adam O’Brien and they are running a 24 hour live stream to help the ALS charity in Matt’s hometown. The live stream will the hosts chatting up genre favorites all while taking donations for FamiyStrong4ALS. The event takes place on June 23rd in celebration of their 100th episode. Geekscape.com podcast, Horror Movie Night, will be celebrating their 100th episode and website launch (HMNPodcast.com) with a 24-hour livestream to benefit FamiyStrong4ALS.

The comedy podcast will begin its 100th episode celebration at 12:01am on June 23rd. True to form, the hosts (Matt Kelly, Scott Roger, and Adam O’Brien) will watch genre favourites while various guests drop by the 24-hour fundraiser.

Listeners can find the livestream at the Geekscape Twitch channel (https://www.twitch.tv/geekscapetv) and are encouraged to donate generously to FamiylStrong4ALS, a charity based in co-host Matt Kelly’s hometown.

“We’re so glad that two years of bullshitting about b-level movies has afforded us a platform to give back to our community,” Kelly states, “for that we’re immensely proud.”

Since 2015, Horror Movie Night has gained over 115,000 listens solely by word of mouth and its cult-like fanbase has clung to the trio’s inside jokes and pop culture tangents while they struggle to discuss movies such as Tusk, An American Werewolf in Paris, and Puppet Master 3.

Podcast listeners can find Horror Movie Night on SoundCloud and ITunes.



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