Canadian Horror

Tricia Lee’s ‘Blood Hunters’ on DVD and in theaters next month


One of our favorite filmmakers is back with an all new twisted tell with Tricia Lee’s BLOOD HUNTERS. The film will see the light of day next week not only in home entertainment but on the big screen as well. This audience award winner follows the story of a young woman who wakes up in a medical building with dead people and she’s pregnant. You may have remembered the film as ONE DROP when it was first announced but the title has sinced changed. Look ahead for all the details and our friends up north let us know if you will be checking this out!


Fresh from its Audience Award winning presentation at Fright Night Theatre Film Festival, Blood Hunters, directed by Tricia Lee will have a theatrical run at the Carlton Cinema in Toronto, ON starting July 7th, 2017 and a one night screening as part of the DedFemme Screening Series at the Metro Cinema in Edmonton, AB on the same day.  The film is also coming out on DVD, VOD and all digital platforms in Canada and the USA on July 4th, 2017.



Blood Hunters is the terrifying new horror film from director Tricia Lee and Film Monkey Productions. Lee, one of the very few successful female directors in the genre, made a splash on the scene with her first feature Clean Break and her second feature Silent Retreat. Since the long-time team of Tricia Lee and writer Corey Brown won Best Canadian Feature at the Toronto After Dark Film Festival, they have been working on the script, formerly titled One Drop for their new horror creature feature and are excited to see their vision become a reality.


In order to bring her chilling vision to life, Tricia Lee and casting director Kristen Henderson assembled a fantastic cast:


·      Lara Gilchrist (Battlestar Galactica, Defying Gravity)


·      Benjamin Arthur (Less Than Kind, Working the Engels)


·      Torri Higginson (Stargate: Atlantis, This Life)


·      Mark Taylor (Flashpoint, Instant Star)


·      Julian Richings (Orphan Black, Supernatural)


·      Peter Blankenstein (The Human Centipede I,II,III)


Blood Hunters tells the story of a single mother who wakes up in the basement of a medical facility only to discover that everyone around her is dead and she is somehow nine months pregnant. As she struggles to escape, she encounters other survivors, each with their own secret. Together they must unlock the mysteries of the facility which will take them to the brink of death and beyond.





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