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Genre motion picture studio WoodHaven Media launches online store

Horror and genre film studio Woodhaven Media has some big news for their fans. They have just launched a brand new website that includes a merchandise store. In the store you purchase any of their exciting titles along with some WHM gear to go along with your favorite titles. The studio that brought us indie flicks like ALMOST MERCY and the soon to be released ANDERS MANOR is now set to have you buy their films directly from the filmmakers themselves! Read ahead for more details.

Woodhaven Media, a motion picture production company famous for horror genre movies, is proud to announce a brand new online merchandise store.

Effective immediately, you can purchase your favorite Woodhaven Media movies, like Almost Mercy,  straight from the filmmakers at


in addition to multiple retail locations as well as Netflix, iTunes, Amazon, xBox, Google Play and VOD.

But it’s not just movies!  You can also purchase the brand new logo Woodhaven Media t-shirts.  We have a lot of cool merch coming down the pipeline, and it’s not just horror, it’s so much more.

Join the Woodhaven Media family and connect with us on social media to get movie news and merchandise information as it happens –






Just when you thought you had all the answers,

Woodhaven Media changed the questions


Woodhaven Media is a fully loaded production company covering all aspects of filmmaking and now that includes direct distribution, right to your home!   We specialize in ground-breaking horror movies, but sometimes we like to show our family friendly side.


What’s your pleasure?


Woodhaven Horror


Almost Mercy, Army of the Damned, Self Storage, Infected, Inkubus, or the upcoming release Anders Manor.


Woodhaven Family


Arlo: The Burping Pig or the upcoming holiday treat, The Santa Files


Woodhaven Documentary


Man In Red Bandana


It’s all in the name of…

Woodhaven Media



Who will you see in movies from Woodhaven Media?


Robert Englund, Jonathan Silverman, Kevin Nash, Michael Madsen, Ed Asner, Michael Berryman, Christina Robinson, Joey Fatone, Bill Moseley, William Forsythe, Kane Hodder, Tony Todd,  Rachel True, Tommy Dreamer, Sully Erna, Patrick Muldoon, Maria Kanellis, and DG Haven…. that’s just to name a few!



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