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Meet your death ‘Show Pieces’ – movie  review

On Shudder right now is the Mitch Jenkins horror anthology SHOW PIECES. Broken up into three tales of despair, one lonely man enters a night that seems like no other but he couldn’t be further from the truth. Intense monologues and weird surrealism is the recipe for this feature that while easy to follow may have some moviegoers skipping this one. Here are the three chapters in the tale:

“An Act of Kindness”

A strange and particular woman decides to make some lusty phone calls to a lover threatening to kill herself. Things go a little too far when she finds out he is in trouble. A demented way to start the feature but surely sets the tone for what’s to come.


“Jimmy’s  End”

A guy steps into a bar for a drink and is immediately drawn into the weird workings of all the strange characters located there. This particular bar may not be all it seems or maybe this guy is exactly where he should be.


“His Heavy Heart”

As we get further into the story it takes a turn for the worse for our leading man. This world of purgatory he finds himself in seems to get more dreadful by the minute. The film gets very confusing and a little overdrawn. It will propel the viewer to look at the clock a few times hoping this feature is ending soon.


It takes about 30 minutes in before the viewer gets a full discussion on what’s going on here. While it would have been better to get a little backdrop from him or some of the other worldly figures the hint of intrigue will grab some viewers attentions but for how long is the real question. SHOW PIECES has the potential to be very polarizing but as with many genre films it has a new home on the Shudder network and there is no issues with that.


2 / 5


SHOW PIECES is directed by Mitch Jenkins , written by Alan Moore and stars Darrell D’Silva , Siobhan Hewlett, Robert Goodman and Andrew Buckley. It is playing right now exclusively on Shudder.


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