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‘Blood Hunters’ – Movie Review

The third and latest movie from Director Tricia Lee is an admiringly bold effort that seeks to inject fresh life into the creature feature genre. Having impressed critics at last year’s Frightfest and the recent Fright Night Theatre film festival, Blood Hunters is now set to thrill audiences on home formats and selected cinemas in Canada, where the director is based.

The film follows Ellie, a single mother with a drug addiction who wakes up in hospital confused and disorientated. She very quickly realises that something is very wrong with the place she has found herself and that she is unexpectedly heavily pregnant. As she pieces together the puzzle of how she got there, she meets other survivors of a mysterious massacre and together they uncover the hospital’s dark secret.

The story is fantastical and absorbing and the dark corridors of the setting reflect the dark corners of the viewer’s imagination. It moves at a fast pace and from one stand out moment to the next, only pausing to develop the relationship between characters and provide humour and levity. The chemistry between the two main characters feels genuine and warming, and we as the audience quickly get behind them and will them on as they face the strange creatures lurking in the shadows.

The supporting cast does a good job at providing different shades to the story too, with a particularly outstanding performance from Julian Richings (whose previous credits include Orphan Black and Supernatural) as a deliciously creepy, wild-eyed priest. There’s also hidden depth to proceedings too, with weightier themes such as mental illness, women’s rights and personal sacrifice bubbling under the surface to add to the emotional resonance of the action.

There’s also plenty of blood and gore available during the movie, but it doesn’t heavily rely on it for its virtues, which is very refreshing if that’s what you’re used to seeing in a horror film. The creature effects are impressive and unnerving and there are some great jumps and scares. The plot does lag a little in places, but the cluster of events all add up to a satisfying and unexpected conclusion. Tricia Lee seems to be going from strength to strength and improving with every film she makes.

4 /5

BLOOD HUNTERS is directed by Tricia Lee. It stars Lara Gilchrist, Benjamin Arthur, Torri Higginson, Mark Taylor and Julian Richings. It is available on DVD, VOD and all digital platforms in the USA and Canada NOW.


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