Fantasia International Film Festival

Insane crime thriller ‘Lowlife’ screens at Fantasia 17’

Teddy ‘Bear’ Haynes (Mark Burnham) takes his frustrations out with some choice weapons

The underbelly of society is in full bloom with the feature from Ryan Brows LOWLIFE. The faced paced journey of a famous Mexican Luchador working for a cartel is just one of the offerings in this wicked tale. LOWLIFE will screen at this years Fantasia International Film Festival on Friday July 21st. Take a look at the teaser for the feature and all the details on the upcoming screening.

Meet El Monstruo, a beloved luchador widely seen as a hero for the oppressed. Unfortunately, El Monstruo secretly lives in disgrace, employed by a brutal cartel organ smuggler who regularly victimizes the very people that look towards our masked fighter for help.

Crystal (Nicki Micheaux) shares a tender moment with her husband, Dan (King Orba)

His young wife Kaylee is his sole beacon of hope, eight-months pregnant (there will be a Son of El Monstruo!) – and dealing with a serious heroin addiction. Next, meet Crystal, a middle-aged recovering addict desperately trying to help her husband attain a kidney transplant by any means necessary. Their paths – along with those of a pair of ex-cons – will intersect in extraordinary ways as their lives go from dire to… something far more extreme.

Director Ryan Prows set out to make an unflinching look at modern America, seen through the eyes of its underbelly class. With full-throttled heart – and a whole lot of blood and eccentricity – he’s done exactly that, and so much more.

LOWLIFE emerges from the shadows as a startlingly original, wholly uncompromising beast that surprises at every turn, speaking to current circumstances of the violence and exploitation that impoverished immigrants can find themselves victims of, be it at the hands of ICE officers or mercenary criminals (in LOWLIFE’s world, the two are virtually indistinguishable).

Stunningly well constructed and performed, it’s easily one of the most gobsmacking crime film discoveries that we’ve come across in years. It’s also just unbelievably entertaining, outlandishly (and oh so uncomfortably) funny and sincerely touching, full of unconventional characters you will adore while shocking with genuine edginess and moments that pivot into outright Grand Guignol. We can’t possibly rave enough about this film. See it at all costs and witness the birth of a major instant classic.

World Premiere
Friday, July 21st
Auditorium des diplômés de la SGWU
(Théâtre Hall)
1455 de Maisonneuve O.
Montréal, QC H3G 1M8

The world premiere of Lowlife will be hosted by the film’s cast, writers, and producers, including:Nicki Micheaux (Crystal),
Mark Burnham (Teddy “Bear” Haynes)
Jon Oswald (Randy)
Shaye Ogbonna (Keith)
Santana Dempsy (Kaylee)
Director Ryan Prows



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