Fantasia International Film Festival

Fantasia 2017 ‘Dead Shack’ – movie review

Peter Ricq’s zomcom DEAD SHACK is the latest of gore driven zombie features that adds comedy to the product to create mixed results. The story follows a SHAMELESS styled family hitting the woods for a weekend getaway. Once they arrive things quickly turn in a less than desirable direction. A few laughs here and there bunched with some pretty decent effects makes DEAD SHACK a nice addition to zombie flicks that don’t take themselves too seriously.

DEAD SHACK should have instant appeal to the masses, especially the youth. While the 30 somethings may pass on some of the antics of the cast the millennials will eat this one up, literally. Outside of the awesome splatter found through the film the role of Roger played by Donavon Stinson is must see television from start to finish. DEAD SHACK is not without its faults. The story doesn’t lead to the dramatics and for some viewers that not a bad things. Still a little more substance wouldn’t hurt as the film truly has the potential to be better. But with most films of this caliber DEAD SHACK should spawn a nice amount of fans and do pretty well when it get’s to the home market.

Not a bad entry into the madness of films at Fantasia 2017 but here is to hoping it get’s better and better from here. Be on the lookout for this one though folks it’s worth a glance for sure.


2.5 / 5


DEAD SHACK is directed by Peter Ricq and stars Lizzie Boys, Gabriel LaBelle, Donavon Stinson, Lauren Holly and Valerie Tian.



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