Fantasia International Film Festival

Fantasia 2017 ‘Poor Agnes’ – movie review

POOR AGNES / Other Animal

Sometimes being in the clutches of a life we desire leads to a path we can’t escape from. Coffee, cigarettes, crossfit, these are all daily rituals that consume the lives of people that lend to an addiction. Can you be addicted to shear insanity? That is the question being asked in the feature from Other Animal and Navin Ramaswaran POOR AGNES. One woman is so diabolical yet so alluring that anyone who falls in her grasp is engulfed in a venus flytrap that will choke the life and soul out of them. Brash, unapologetic and twisted are words to describe POOR AGNES. Lora Burke as Agnes is the Christian Bale “American Psycho’ of this film generation!


In first glimpse Agnes is cute, unassuming but her eyes tell another story. She knows what lurks beneath the core and it’s an evil that she believes is in god’s hands. There is so much to like with the character who at times even reminds us of Kevin Spacey’s classic role in the film SEVEN. Though with POOR AGNES you want to think on the level of MISERY to truly understand what’s at play here. Slow burning and twisted, ansty viewers may have trouble with the anticipation but it’s well worth it. POOR AGNES is one of those special films that make the viewer question themselves on handling her predicaments and mind games. The rest of the cast plays strong as well and do a fantastic job of highlighting her scope of pure dread. Fantasia has something going on here with this feature so hopefully it’s well received at the fest.


There wasn’t too much to dislike with the film even with a predictable ending. Burke is so devilish charming in the film that you can’t turn away. POOR AGNES is a film to keep an eye out for and sparks loads of psychological conversation that has been missing in horror for a few years.


4.0 / 5


POOR AGNES is directed by Navin Ramaswaran written by J. Gordon Ross and stars Lora Burke, Robert Notman and Will Conlon.


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