Horror Movie Trailer

‘Safe Place’ trailer and more



From the producer of features such as DON’T FUCK IN THE WOODS (best title ever) and CREPITUS comes the scream queen filled horror flick SAFE PLACE. Filmmaker Nick Hunt brings his tale of a art student with a promising career involving herself with the wrong buyer. The trailer has received some praise for you to see ahead and the studio is set to release an Indiegogo campaign in the near future. Check out all the details of the film with the trailer ahead and be on the lookout for more updates soon!


Safe Place is about Lori and her friends. They have their whole lives ahead of them. Or so they think -When art student Lori Hughes sells a piece at her first show, it seems to be the beginning of a promising career. Better still, the purchaser, Chris Craven, is a wealthy eccentric who invites Lori and her friends back to his rustic lodge for a night of celebration and planning for the future. Unbeknownst to the friends, Chris’ homey façade hides an inner torment-a rage against the world following a senseless tragedy that forever altered him. As the evening wears on and memories of the past begin to consume him, Chris resolves to spare Lori and her friends the same suffering that he’s endured in his life-by ending theirs!


Safe Place is the feature debut of writer/director Nick Hunt with the script co-written by Hunt, Preston Fassel, and Pennie Sublime. And we have lined up an entire team of up-and-coming scream queens! Starring is Ashley Mary Nunes (All Through The House, Death Ward 13), with Genoveva Rossi (DeathHouse, Bloodmania, Gotham), Lara Jean Mummert (Anomaly, 2 Jennifer), Gabrielle Ann Henry (Blood Widow, La Fleur De Mai), and relative newcomer Kinsey Krutzler. We also have a cameo for a legit horror icon whose identity we are keeping under wraps at the moment!




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