Artsploitation Films

Stills from ‘Red Christmas’

Dee Wallace with Gun in Red Light – Red Christmas Photo by Douglas Burgdorff

WTF is going on here? Two xmas movies in one week over the month of July? Must be what it feels like to be a sports reporter during baseball season eh? Just waiting on the football to come aren’t we guys? More than likely you are waiting on the short black dude to fight the loud irish dude but whatever floats your boat. Here we are talking horror and we are speaking about Craig Anderson’s RED CHRISTMAS. The flick follows a family of the brink who gets an unexpected visit from a blood thirsty stranger. RED CHRISTMAS stars genre legend Dee Wallace and should in be limited theaters in the end of the summer.

Artsploitation has released the first images for their upcoming release of the Australian horror film Red Christmas.  Genre icon Dee Wallace (The Hills Have Eyes, The Howling, E.T., Cujo, Critters) stars as the stressed-out mother of a squabbling family, gathered together in a remote Outback estate on Christmas Eve.  Their petty dramas threaten to blacken the holiday until a mysterious and deformed stranger appears at the door seeking bloody vengeance.  

Veteran television director and actor Craig Anderson makes his feature debut with Red Christmas, combining the banal horror of family gatherings with the issues of abortion, feminism, ethics, religion and privacy, with a blood-splattered twist on what happens when secrets refuse to stay dead.


Dee Wallace headlines as Diane, a matriarch presiding over the gathering of her squabbling grown children on Christmas Day.  Tensions give way to terror when a deformed stranger appears at the door with vengeance on his mind.  Diane must protect her family as limbs are severed and secrets are brought into the light.



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