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Fantasia 2017 ‘The Night Watchmen’ – movie review


Another flick that surfaced from this years Fantasia International Film Festival is Mitchell Altieri’s THE NIGHT WATCHMEN. This horror comedy follows a group of dim witted security guards who deal with a killer clown from beyond the grave. For most people there is nothing scarier than clowns so when you mix that with vampires and zombies all hell breaks loose. THE NIGHT WATCHMEN is a comedy first and the horror just brings it all together. It’s a nice little throwback styled feature but it may be a little too cheesy for some to enjoy.

In the film the guys get a new recruit on the same night a famous clown’s body is delivered on their doorstep. The action picks up quickly from their as the building they work in becomes infested with the undead. It’s a crazy survival flick with loads of puns and dry humor with gallons of blood and ooze to please any gore fan. If anything that’s what makes THE NIGHT WATCHMEN stick out the most. There are so many scenes of liquid overload that clearly the filmmaker wanted to let their gore wings fly. With the film having such a comedic overtone to will make or break THE NIGHT WATCHMEN is how funny the viewers find it. A little SHAUN OF THE DEAD, a little HALF BAKED and it gives you an idea of what to expect from THE NIGHT WATCHMEN.


THE NIGHT WATCHMEN is a film that could have a nice little cult following. Also we feel it’s one that holds up with more than one watch looking for something you missed the last time. If you are a fan of early 90’s cheese splatter horror then look out for this one!

3.5 / 5

THE NIGHT WATCHMEN is directed by Mitchell Altieri and stars Ken Arnold, Dan DeLuca, Kevin Jiggetts, Kara Lulz, Max Gray Wilbur.


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