Fantasia International Film Festival

Fantasia 2017 ‘The Night of The Virgin’ – movie review


The end of the year always brings festivities of joy and pleasure. Christmas brings families together, kids hoping for Santa to bring them all the gifts they wished for, and we all get stuffed on food and desserts before we must think about what our New Year’s resolutions. People get dressed up, go to parties and drink the night away ready to make the last day of the year count. It could be filled with a fucked-up night of sloppy debauchery or meeting that special someone who will flow into the next year. Though not all off us are that lucky with our game and just get the consistent let down, or we wake up with no memory of what happened but the embarrassing photos we might find in our phone or the drunk texts that make us cringe. Reminder people, tell your friends to take your phone away from you or in some instance it might be good for them not…

The Night of The Virgin only begins to touch on these things but also puts our virgin into a nonstop horrific ride of extreme boundaries. Director, Roberto San Sebastian takes his 80’s horror sex comedy to a different level, where the audience is thrown into not just shock and laughs of our protagonist Nico’s (Javier Bodalo) failed attempt, after failed attempt. But also the showing off of his dance moves, sexual looks from across the room to numerus women, to only hope to try to be one of many to get lucky on New Year’s Eve. Almost giving up on his Rico Suave advances, he grabs the attention of one seductive cougar. Nico can only hope this will be his night to remember…. or a nightmare to remember.

If shock is your thing and you like to push the boundaries like I do, this film with not be a disappointment. The Night of the Virgin, gives waves of blood, anal discharge, projectile vomiting that will make this a film that you will never forget and will be one that you can add to your most shocking films of all time. I know It will be for me.


THE NIGHT OF THE VIRGIN is directed by Roberto San Sebastian and stars Javier Bódalo, Miriam Martín and Víctor Amilibia.


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