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Fantasia 2017 ‘Game Of Death’ – movie review


“Dead Bodies Everywhere” is a song from KORN that immediately jumps into my head. This is after watching the film from Sebastien Landry and Laurence Morais-Lagace GAME OF DEATH. Not to be confused with the all ka-ra-te flick starring Bruce Lee this film plays like it’s straight out of your favorite Manga. From insest to head exploding betrayal I couldn’t tell if I was watching a screener or my CrunchyRoll account. For viewers like myself, friends this is a good thing. GAME OF DEATH is deviously fun and filled with mayhem.

What starts off as a weed smoking, beer drinking and awkward get together for a group of friends soon becomes a day of kill or be killed. Let’s get one thing straight. It’s possible you may not like anyone of the kids in this flick and for an all out gore fest such as this, you won’t be disappointed. Though back to my main point, what may really hurt the viewing audience is the uncomfort level of a certain brother and sister in the film. A RIVERDALE (show on Netflix go watch right now) meets every manga/anime on the planet story arch gets woven into the fabric of the film that on it’s end works quite well. That all being said you can’t please everyone out there so with little overall substance GAME OF DEATH could turn some viewers away. With all the millennial driven references in the film the game it self speaks of beta/vhs forgotten time.

As mentioned earlier GAME OF DEATH has enough appeal to gain a good following. It’s a film about a board game so going into without an open mind may not be the best approach. GAME OF DEATH is a film you should love to hate. So sit back relax and enjoy the show!

3.5 / 5


GAME OF DEATH is directed by Sebastien Landry and Laurence Morais-Lagace and stars Sam Earle, Victoria Diamond, Emelia Hellman, Erniel Baez Duenas, Nick Serino, Thomas Vallieresa and Jane Hackett.


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