Fantasia International Film Festival

Fantasia 2017 ‘Replace’ – movie review


Ok, ladies we all go through periods in our lives where we think that looks and youth are everything. Every birthday we dread getting closer to being what we consider to be “old”. We age and dive ourselves into the industries of beauty cures. We start to use moisturizer’s, we exfoliate, look for age defying lotions and even go as far as plastic surgery. Though what we forget ladies is that age is what true beauty is and, also confidence. Once we don’t appreciate it and start looking for other means to make ourselves young we take great risk at ruining something that could only give us regrets in the end.

Replace is a mix of Cronenberg with a few other twists. Director Norbert Keil brings his idea to what body horror is. It is a tale that has Elizabeth Bathory tendencies, and Neon Demon like obsessions in beauty. Keil reminds us in a bloody fetishism way that women can be obsessed with maintaining appearance and will give up everything just to make sure we are what media says we should be.

Replace is something I would call a reality check for some women out there. Keil brings us a piece that shows his audience what vanity can really do to a woman when all she thinks about is how beauty is what keeps a woman lucky and successful. That once we are old we aren’t as wanted anymore and what we would do to keep ourselves from decaying piece by piece. This is the feat that our main character Kira has presented to her.  Kira goes through a maze of misconception’s, blackouts and delusions of her life as her youth is slowly taken from her. Keil shows that she doesn’t always have a grip on reality but her dwindling lifeforce is the one thing she that does remember and will do anything to keep it fruitful and young, even it means taking another’s.

3.5 / 5

REPLACE is directed by Norbert Keil and stars  Rebecca Forsythe, Lucie Aron and Barbara Crampton.


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