Fantasia International Film Festival

Fantasia 2017 ‘Tilt’ – movie review

Tilt is a fascinating exploration of one mans descent into madness. From the first frame questions come to the surface and as the film progresses director Kasra Farahani slowly deals out the blows. Tilt is a claustrophobic film, the best kind. It features Joseph Cross playing Joseph Burns a documentary film maker creating his second doco after a mildly successful debut. He has just returned from Hawaii with his girlfriend to their small bungalow and while she goes out to work he stays at him working on what he perceives is his masterpiece about America. Yet as doing so Joseph’s mind slowly unravels.

Like all great ‘descent into madness’ films the fractured mind of Joseph is front and centre. At times I felt the film was lagging especially in the middle but on reflection it successfully portrays the repetition and loneliness Joseph’s character encounters. Yet it is Joseph’s performance that carries the film as the torment and malice of his character bubbles behind his eyes at all times and he acts as a charismatic lead.


The cinematography of LA, especially at night, is sleazy and beautiful and compliments Joseph’s descent into madness. As mentioned before the film does lag at times but when the tension does escalate it becomes a grab your seat kind of moment. If you are into your deliberately paced (but tense as hell at times) character driven horrors go,go,go and see Tilt.



TILT is directed by Kasra Farahani and stars Joseph Cross, Jessy Hodges and Billy Khoury.


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