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Tech horror ‘Bedeviled’ on demand next month


Nothing like a brand new app that everyone is downloading to get your motor cooking right?

Well in the horror flick from Abel Vang and Burlee Vang BEDEVILED, a group of kids find out their recent upload may be fatal. Freestyle Digital Media has picked up the rights to the film and will distribute it in North America. They released a trailer late last week and we have it for you to see ahead. Look for BEDEVILED to hit VOD on August 11th!


Freestyle Digital Media, the digital film distribution division of Byron Allen’s Entertainment Studios, has acquired the North American rights to the modern technological horror feature BEDEVILED for limited theatrical release and digital distribution beginning August 11, 2017.

BEDEVILED tells the story of five teenagers who receive an invite to download a Siri-like application.  Once they accept this app — which calls itself ‘Mister Bedevil’ — it begins to torment each of them by tapping into their worst fears. To stop this malevolent force, the teens must learn to trust and depend on each other’s wits and courage.

Co-written, and co-directed by brothers Abel Vang and Burlee Vang, BEDEVILED features a cast that includes Saxon Sharbino (Alice Gorman), Mitchell Edwards (Cody Mathershed), Carson Boatman (Gavin Briggs), Victory Van Tuyl (Haley Davis), Brandon Soo Hoo (Dan Moua), Jordan Essoe (Mr. BeDevil), and Alexis G Zall (Nikki).  BEDEVILED was produced by Abel Vang, Burlee Vang, Leng Yang, Cheng Yang, and Kirk Roos with Executive Producers Stephen Stanley, Brad Brizendine, Fuabkuab Yang, Scott P. Barlow.

“We are very excited to partner with Freestyle Digital Media for the U.S. release of BEDEVILED,” said filmmakers Abel Vang and Burlee Vang. “We’ve created a new, charismatic horror villain, and we hope audiences will find him terrifying and lovable at the same time.”

“BEDEVILED is an intensely terrifying addition to the modern horror genre,” said Dan Fisher, Vice President of Acquisitions for Freestyle Digital Media. “We at Freestyle Digital Media are excited to be able to bring this terrifying satire of modern-day media to American viewers this summer.”

BEDEVILED official web page:


BEDEVILED trailer:


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