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Misdirection shows no mercy ‘WTF!’ – movie review

images from WTF!

Hitting VOD today is the Peter Herro slasher WTF! This cut em up millennial killer is injected into a current trend of youngsters reaching their doom. Wait, isn’t that just horror in general? A party in the cabin soon becomes a who does it killer with the smell of SLEEPAWAY CAMP as the viewers try to piece together who is doing what in this T&A filled romper.


WTF! Is your traditional all American slasher. Tits, slits and bong hits are all on the menu as this film could have easily just been a normal late night tease feature. The characters are interchangeable and horny which doesn’t add too much substance to the overall story. Still the cast is pretty funny which allows for your eyes to stay glued to the screen which isn’t always easy to do. The misdirection in the film would give a way too much but as mentioned before it’s one of the key elements to retrofy the slasher. I was hoping for more guts and gore in the flick but the kills were pretty clean just lacking a bit of imagination.


WTF! Is fun and pretty spontaneously funny but don’t think for a second this is bringing anything new to the table. For some it will be background noise like many slashers, while others will have no issue perking up for a some blood, booze and buds.

2.5 / 5


WTF! Is directed by Peter Herro and stars Callie Ott, Sarah Agor, Andrea Hunt, Ben Norris, Johnny James Fiore, Nick Reilly and Adam Foster. It’s available on VOD now courtesy of Midnight Releasing.


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