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Shoot me now ‘Cut Shoot Kill’ – movie review

Images from CUT SHOOT KILL

In this day and age with the advancement of technology a small budget doesn’t have to mean the quality of the film suffers. I can think of hundreds of films with a small budget that were able to create compelling stories that didn’t show the signs of little funding. Cut Shoot Kill is not one of those films.

Cut Shoot Kill has actress Serena Brooks book the starring role in a horror film The Collector. She travels to the woods to meet the strange-acting crew and the other actors. Only to discover the filming is not as it seems…….. *spoiler* the crew are killing the actors to get the realistic kills they need.

Where do I start? Why make a film paying homage to the horror film and the importance of its creation when the film itself is so shoddily shot and cast. Oh the irony! The editing of Cut Shoot Kill is so poor that at times I wanted to throw things at the TV (not in a fun The Room sort of way). It was painful to watch how the film within a film didn’t work at all and had confusing set ups and scenes which would have been impossible for the (fake) film crew to film. Cut Shoot Kill reminded me of Scream 3 which wasn’t what you would call a fantastic film yet it fleshed out the ‘making a horror film in a film’ storyline so much better than this.

The characters are all so unlikeable which I’m not sure is the actors fault or the writing. The acting by some of the actors crosses the line into schlocky, yet when others are trying to act with realism it creates an uneven tone to the scenes and they become jolted and disingenuous. I’d rather not single out anyone but when none of the characters are worth rooting for in a slasher WTF is the point?

Yet we must try and find a positive thread and I will give that to the kills. They are bloody and gruesome….if that’s what you are after.

I can sort of tell what the director wanted to do but the execution of Cut Shoot Kill is lazy. With a film discussing the passion and fire needed to make a horror film why didn’t they follow their own advice. A bit of waste of time to be honest.

PS Wouldn’t it have been better being called Shoot Kill Cut. I mean when making a movie don’t you usually shoot it before you cut the footage?

Cut Shoot Kill stars Alexandra Socha (Red Oaks), Alex Hurt, Phil Burke (Hell on Wheels), Henry Zebrowski (Heroes Reborn), and Rebecca Faulkenberry. it is written and directed by Michael Walker (Chasing Sleep).CUT SHOOT KILL lands on Digital On-Demand on August 8th!



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