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What scares us? Why do we constant get excited by the latest slasher franchise or a new supernatural flick promising to scare us senseless? There are many ways this could be answered but one common thing is our nightmares. Since the dawning of times “nightmares” are the original horror movie. Even to this day, usually the scariest ideas and scripts come from deep inside the resting mind. Being that they go hand in hand some friends of ours over in the UK made a nice little infographic with the correlation between horror and nightmares. Here are some of the top films that have been haunting our dreams for years!

-Travis Brown (Horror Movies Uncut) 

Do you remember those nights when you were younger, utterly terrified by what’s on screen but unable to turn away? And then afterwards, having to get into bed, alone and wary of whatever might be lurking in the gloom. Here are our top movie nightmares, films that still creep into our consciousness years later, and more than any others, have stopped us from falling asleep.


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