Horror Movie Trailer

Horror Tease ‘Gnawbone’


Let’s face it folks monsters are real. Some of them may even hold office in this day and age. What happens if the things that make up your nightmares come true? Do you face your fears or pretend that they never happened? In the film from director Darrin Means GNAWBONE, one man decides to face that fear head on. From executive producer and friend of the site P.J. Sparks comes this terrifying feature. More details will be released on the film soon but for now enjoy the trailer which dropped earlier this month!

When Tommy was only a boy he witnessed the brutal murder of his Grandfather by someone… or something. Now years later, a psychologist wants Tommy to return to the scene of the crime to face his fears, to prove to himself that monsters aren’t real. Sometimes the thing you fear is in your head and sometimes… it’s in the woods!

ABOUT THE PROJECT: Gnawbone is an independent throwback creature feature using a mixture of 80’s horror, all practical effects and current filmmaking techniques. We missed the days of “men in rubber suits” and as horror fans of that bygone era teamed with other passionate artists to create a new and terrible beast. Our goal was simple, bring back the feeling of being in a video store and renting something you’ve picked solely because it sounds scary and its box art looks cool.

Our team strived to bring back the days of watching Saturday Night monster flicks we all grew up on as a sacred youth’s rite of passage. Gnawbone brings the blood, the cheese, the love for the monster sub-genre. Darrin Means has teamed up with Executive Producer P.J. Starks, creator of the successful anthology franchise Volumes of Blood, to bring you a new kind of monster. If Gnawbone doesn’t scare you to death… he’ll eat you alive!



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