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Bites and bottle rockets ‘The Evil In Us’ – DVD review


In the world of horror movies the best place to try and move on with your life is always a cabin in the woods. Rather it be a break up, some fatal accident, or just a reuniting with friends the formula holds true. Why you ask? Well if a group of 20 something never followed that path then we would have a great void in the middle of our beloved genre. In Jason William Lee’s THE EVIL IN US a group heads out to enjoy the Fourth of July and end up having a hellacious time filled with booze, drugs and cannibalism? THE EVIL IN US has a classic horror make up and that’s not a bad thing. It’s a lot gorier than expected which should please most fans and keep them glued to the screen. While I wasn’t ecstatic about the film there were a few things I enjoyed.

Outside of the usual scenarios THE EVIL IN US isn’t a horrendous film. The characters are a carbon copy of most horror flicks in this realm with all the normal cliches. What makes the film standout is the political satire involving the drugs and some weird experimentation that becomes the THE EVIL IN US backdrop. It’s almost ironic that the last trailer you see on the DVD before the film starts is CABIN FEVER PATIENT ZERO because THE EVIL IN US feels very similar to the virus horror. As mentioned earlier the violent interactions also help move the movie along but by no means are they groundbreaking.


All in all THE EVIL IN US works in many ways and is entertaining to say the least. The ending made me want to see more and that’s always a good sign. It’s hard to tell if the success of this film will garner a sequel but these days you never know.




THE EVIL IN US is directed by Jason William Lee and stars Ian Collins, Kylee Bush, Debs Howard and John Gillich. It is currently available on DVD and on demand courtesy of RLJ Entertainment.



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