Thoughts on the return of ‘Halloween’

As I sit here sippin’ on the last moscow mule of the weekend my head starts to think about Jamie Lee Curtis. Sure in my ripe old age of 38 there were moments when she could have been deemed a crush, but more in a TRUE LIVES sense than Laurie Strode. While the nerdy weed smoking babysiter with the Farrah Fawcett hair had her moments there is nothing like the lap dance sequence from the spy comedy to get your blood running. That being said we all knew eventually she had to return to Laurie. Even though our last glimpse of Strode involved her falling from the rooftop after a kiss from her brother( and a knife) it was too inconceivable to think this was end. Last year when the forces of Danny McBride and David Gordon Green combined to bring back HALLOWEEN we knew a new path would take form for the “shape” but we didn’t know little sis would be along for the journey.

News broke out Friday that Curtis will return and we got a glimpse of her in the old school attire. So it begs the question what the f** is going on here? What are we to expect. Did she survive the jump ala H20 style and is ready for one final confrontation? Or is this some “SCREAMish” styled behavior with Jamie acting like Sydney from the 3rd installment living in the woods answering hotline calls from people with murderous siblings. Or maybe Laurie goes John Wick mode and goes on a killing spree of her own looking for Mike with intentions to give him a piece of his own medicine? I’m sure we will know sooner than later but i’ll say one thing “i’m pumped!”. I know you all are too which is why everyone’s twitter and fb feed populated Friday afternoon with image after image from the release. No offense to Rob Zombie but I hope we get a less than “surreal” storyline in this one and get back to the things that make this franchise Iconic. With Curtis, John Carpenter, Jason Blum, Malek Akkad and the Trancas International Films behind the project it is a good chance that will be especially what we get. I’m sure looking forward to more updates on this one and ICYMI i’ve dropped in the official press release from this Friday below. Stay gory readers!

-Travis B. HMU


Jamie Lee Curtis returns to her iconic role as Laurie Strode, who comes to her final confrontation with Michael Myers, the masked figure who has haunted her since she narrowly escaped his killing spree on Halloween night four decades ago.

Master of horror John Carpenter will executive produce and serve as creative consultant on this film, joining forces with cinema’s current leading producer of horror, Jason Blum (Get Out, Split, The Purge, Paranormal Activity).  Inspired by Carpenter’s classic, filmmakers David Gordon Green and Danny McBride crafted a story that carves a new path from the events in the landmark 1978 film, and Green also directs.

HALLOWEEN will be produced by Malek Akkad, whose Trancas International Films has produced the HALLOWEEN series since its inception.  Green and McBride will executive produce under their Rough House Pictures banner.

HALLOWEEN will be distributed worldwide by Universal Pictures.



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