Dark Comedy

Latest trailer for ‘Assholes’

Possibly one of the grossest comedies in recent times is the flick from Peter Vack ASSHOLES. When a couple meets at a Dr.’s waiting room and discover their combined love for anal, the only thing that could happen from there is to be comes assholes. This SXSW hit was a tough watch for many critics and is now set to head to limited theaters and VOD next month. Breaking Glass has released a new trailer for the film which premiered today. We have it for you to see ahead, or behind if that’s you thing. Look for ASSHOLES in NYC on October 6th, Los Angeles on October 13th and VOD on October 24th.

Adah and Aaron are sober drug addicts who meet in their psychoanalyst’s waiting room. They have sex, discover they share an anal fetish, relapse on poppers, conjure a demon, and kill Adah’s brother. When their faces turn into Assholes, Adah’s parents stage a reality show intervention to get the couple sober again.

ASSHOLES is directed by Peter Back and stars Peter Vack,  Betsey Brown, Jack Dunphy, Patrick LaBella, Jane Brown, Ron Brown and Eileen Dietz.




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