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You are what you eat! ‘Assholes’ – movie review

Some films are just plain filthy. Certain features walk a fine line between raunchy and flat out gross. The dark comedy/fantasy flick from Peter Vack ASSHOLES just happens to be one of those films. ASSHOLES follows a couple who just can’t seem to get life right and find each other through love, herpes and anal fixation. Honestly I was blown away by ASSHOLES which felt like parts every “BAD” titled movie and JACKASS all in one.

Adah and is a mess and Aaron isn’t much better. Not that their worlds are in shambles but dealing with a life of being sober is just too much to handle. Aaron finds Adah through his mutual friend and the two of them embark on a popper filled journey like no other. Serious laughs and cringe worthy moments are all in order with ASSHOLES. It’s one of those films that makes you say “I know they aren’t going to do this” and yes they do. One of the highlights of the film is the epic NYC street scene that doesn’t look as staged as it may seemed. This STD romp has cult classic written all over it and is truly not for every audience. For those that get a chance to see it ASSHOLES will live in their memories for some time.

ASSHOLES filth at it’s highest point and will have you amazed just at the levels they achieve. While you won’t expect to see this in many theaters once it hits home entertainment it’s worth your viewing pleasure. Just remember one person’s gross may be another person’s fetish!


4.5 / 5


ASSHOLES is directed by Peter Vack and stars Peter Vack,  Betsey Brown, Jack Dunphy, Patrick LaBella, Jane Brown, Ron Brown and Eileen Dietz.  It is playing in theaters in NY and LA and will be available on cable and on demand on October 24th. 


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