Horror Movie Trailer

‘Blood Runs Thick’ official trailer


Lucky Strike Films is all set to bring the psychological thriller BLOOD RUNS THICK to the masses. The film will have its premiere this Halloween night in Los Angeles. The  Romane A. Simon feature follows a woman on the verge dealing with the lost of her step son. Look at the official trailer and BLOOD RUN THICK will show at the Ahrya Fine Arts in Beverly Hills. Details on how to attend are just ahead.

Lucky Strike Films releases official trailer for “BLOOD RUNS THICK”


“BLOOD RUNS THICK” red carpet premiere will be Halloween Night 2017 in Beverly Hills

This new psychological thriller is directed by Romane A. Simon (Hybristophilia) and it’s positioned to turn Hollywood cinema upside down.


A beautiful young woman struggles with frightening hallucinations and a crumbling mental state after her husband goes missing.



BLOOD RUNS THICK is directed by Romane A. Simon and stars Emily Killian (The Chosen, Wet Hot American Summer), Tom Sizemore (Natural Born Killers, Twin Peaks), Matthew Ashford (Days of our Lives, The Bay), Judi Evans (Days of our Lives, The Bay), Alexander Man (Voodoo Retribution, Hybristophilia), Brooklyn Robinson (Throwing Shade, Pineapple), Isaac Rhino Aaron, with Special appearance by Lilian Lev, Anjelika Kaufman-Joyce-JP Joyce, Ewart Chin, Karra Mane and Carolyn DupreeBlood. 



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