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Short Film Spotlight: Jill Sixx & KC Hip Hop artist “Loogey” drop “I’m Ready” horror themed music video


In this month’s installment of SFS we have once again turned to the music landscape from something special. No killer karts here this is KC hip with emerging artist Loogey teaming up with our dear friend Jill Gevargizian aka “Jill Sixx” for something epic. She directed his new video I’M READY which follows the story of a man selling his soul for personal gain. We have the video for you to see ahead along with a brief review from our own former hip hop artist turned owner of HMU Travis! Enjoy the video folks!

Loogey, a hip hop artist from Kansas City, teamed up with award-winning director Jill Gevargizian (The Stylist, Call Girl) to create an epic and evil music video for his new song, “I’m Ready.”

The video is about a man who sold his soul to the devil for fame and fortune, and is forever stuck in a loop to fulfill his end of the bargain. “We shot it over 6 days, in 6 different locations all over Kansas City with a fairly large cast and crew. The concept was written by Loogey – I was blown away by it. He had a very grand and detailed vision, but I felt he trusted me to take the reigns. I am very thankful for that and very proud of video,” said Gevargizian.

The video was produced by Method Media and Sixx Tape, their third collaboration with more on the way.

Today also marks the release of Loogey’s sophomore album, JADED. (https://m.soundcloud.com/loogeymusic/sets/jaded)



The new video from KC Hip Hop artist Loogey is Lit ASF! Great work by Jill who understands the landscape between the worlds of hip hop and horror and does a fantastic job of blending the two together. In regards to the song Loogey has some bars! He also looks like KC, and sounds like the heart of the city fusings his rhymes with a soulful crispness that takes me back to the days I used to go to KC for my own shows. Really impressed by the artist and the video and I hope the two collab again in the future! Also big shout to the newly married Jill Towerman and Gary Coopers who make a brief cameo in the video!



-Travis Brown


For more info on Loogey visit his FB:



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