Roxsy Tyler returns in ‘Roxsy Tyler’s House of Horrors’

Carmela Hayslett / Roxsy Tyler House of Horrors

SGL Entertainment is releasing the new horror comedy television show ROXSY TYLER’S HOUSE OF HORRORS to Amazon Prime. The ever busy Carmela Hayslett is back in the moniker of Roxsy Tyler. In the show a pair of of web show host watch the world of terror and horror through the eyes of one of their stalkers. The show is now available on Amazon Prime. Check out the official release ahead and give a glance at it when you can.

SGL Entertainment is pleased to announce the worldwide premiere of the new comedy horror TV Series ROXSY TYLER’S HOUSE OF HORRORS, Now Available Exclusively on Amazon Prime TV.



What started out as a documentary about webshow horror celebrities quickly becomes an episodic SHOCKumentary about two narcissistic and co-dependent friends who have no problem with the world watching their daily grind of murder and mayhem through the lens of one of their stalkers. See exactly what happens when Roxsy Tyler and Count Chuckula leave the Carnival of Horrors and go home to the House of Horrors.

Directed by Carmela Hayslett and Starring Carmela Hayslett, Chuck Maher, John Martineau, Melissa O’Donnell, Krystle Ann Griffin, Christian Grillo, David Gechman, Andrew Hunsicker, Aaralyn Anderson, Michael Everett Johnson and Jennifer M. Kay. 



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