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28 parents later ‘Mom & Dad’ – movie review

As parents you are taught to place your kids above anything else. No matter how much they get on your nerves. From stealing to having sex and more kids usually walk a fine line that puts parents into a position where they may utter some unsightly words. In the film from Brian Taylor MOM & DAD two kids are in a fight for survival from the main two protectors in their lives, the parents. MOM & DAD is a hurricane of a film with tones and resemblances of some of your favorite end of the world flicks. No brains are on the menu this time just your seat at the dinner table.

Nicolas Cage and Selma Blair star as the two parents in the film going through the normal mid life crisis. While they don’t blame their kids for road they have taken clearly the high school angst of the daughter is starting to take its toll. It was smart of Taylor to produce the many types of dichotomies of families from one to the next to really evolve the unexplained wrath the parents venture on. MOM & DAD is a straight to the point feature with little room to get invested in anyone outside the main tree. Which is fine as the film achieves in extreme chaos making the viewer look more for the reasons behind the carnage than who it’s being done too. Of course there are moments of comedy in the film but the underlying tone seems to be around parents who have given up so much in favor of their kids.

MOM & DAD is a lot of fun and is another film that puts social commentary at the forefront of some terrible act. As we are seeing more and more in horror, humans are the ones doing most of the damage. Sometimes all it takes is a little bit of static to turn on some deep rooted hatred of something we care so dear for. Whatever the case the next time your parents stop by for a visit make sure to have a conversation with them before they step foot in the door!


3.5 / 5


MOM & DAD is written and directed by Brian Taylor and stars Nicolas Cage, Selma Blair, Anne Winters and Zachary Arthur. It is being released to theaters and VOD on January 29th courtesy of Momentum Pictures.


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