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Alt rock trio Karabas Barabas releases “Fuckarana” video

Karabas Barabas

Ever seen Batman hash out his issues with two Elmos in the middle of times square? Well if not here is your chance with the new video from Karabas Barabas “Fuckarana”. The psychedelic group’s amped up song showcases some of NYC’s finest mascots duking it out right in the middle of the city. Take a glance at the insanity ahead and you can also download the full release of their latest album “Sex With The Devil”.


Psychedelic Alt-Rock trio KARABAS BARABAS have released a New York centric, unconventional official music video for “Fuckerana,” off of their 12/22 released LP, Sex with the Devil. The video, shot entirely in Midtown Manhattan, features the infamous Times Square Mascot Mafia battling among themselves along with other well known midtown characters.


“Fuckarana” Music Video

“Our rehearsal space is in midtown and, over the years, we’ve developed a love/hate relationship. With ‘Fuckarana’ we feel we accurately captured the essence of the insanity that is midtown.” – Karabas Barabas

Karabas Barabas



Track List:

  1. Sex with the Devil
  2. Lahey
  3. 50/50
  4. Alcohol
  5. That 70’s Song
  6. Immaculate Convection
  7. Fuckarana
  8. You Can’t Do That
  9. High Five
  10. Jacques Lemaire



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