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‘Zombiology: Enjoy Yourself Tonight’ heads to on demand next month

If last year’s hit film TRAIN TO BUSAN was any indication no one does zombie flicks like our brothers and sisters to the east. This time it’s the Chinese with the hilarious looking film from  Alan Lo ZOMBIOLOGY: ENJOY YOURSELF TONIGHT. This rambunctious film follows two regular guys who become heros during a zombie outbreak. Instantly looking to hit cult status the film has already gained a following from early screenings. Look for it to hit the on demand circuit on February 23rd courtesy of the crew over at Dread Central Presents and Epic Pictures Releasing.

Directed by Alan Lo, Zombiology: Enjoy Yourself Tonight is the slapstick story of Lone (Michael Ning) and Yeung (Louis Cheung), a pair of eccentrics who think of themselves as heroes, particularly when a zombie outbreak caused by Lone’s favorite animated monster — a man-sized chicken monster — hits. Crowd reaction at recent screenings across the U.S. was quite favorable for this quirky Chinese zombie horror comedy.


Watch the gonzo trailer for Zombiology: Enjoy Yourself Tonight:

Audience members in San Diego react after Dread Central Presents’ first-ever screening — a double feature of Zombiology: Enjoy Yourself Tonight paired with Turbo Kid: http://bit.ly/2DMWaah


Upcoming Dread Central Presents screenings include February 15th previews of the moody, Gothic arthouse film The Lodgers (in theaters on February 23rd) directed by Brian O’Malley (Let Us Prey) and the killer clown flick Terrifier (Frankenstein vs The Mummy) directed by Damien Leone.


The first-ever wave of Dread Central Presents screenings were received enthusiastically by audiences over the weekend. A double feature of Zombiology: Enjoy Yourself Tonight played with an anniversary screening of Turbo Kid in nine cities — San Diego; Las Vegas; Cleveland; Seattle; Akron, OH; Richardson, TX; Littleton, CO; Phoenix; and Pittsburgh.


Zombiology: Enjoy Yourself Tonight will be available on VOD everywhere on February 23.


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