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It’s the same ole castration ‘Victor Crowley’ – movie review


I know that there’s a pretty large fan base for director Adam Green’s splatter-fest Hatchet franchise, so of course when it was announced last year that he would be reviving Victor Crowley and giving everyone a fourth film, everyone was eager to see its release.  As can be expected, there’s no shortage of blood, guts, and comedy.

Taking place 10 years after the events in Hatchet III, Andrew (Parry Shen), the lone survivor from the third film, agrees to do a televised interview at the location of the massacre.  Before they can get there, the plane crashes while a trio of friends on the ground unwittingly resurrect Crowley which forces Andrew and the rest of the group to fight for their lives once again.

Victor Crowley doesn’t try to be more than what it knows it’s always been- campy, good fun.  Sure, some of the acting is off and the script can be tough at times, but it’s all clearly intentional and works for itself once again.  Of course, the practical effects alone are worth watching for.  Kane Hodder reprising his role as Crowley once again is something I have zero complaints about; he was made for a role that “large”.  And just like the others, it’ll give you a few fun cameos (wait for one a few seconds after the beginning of the end credits) as well.

The movie doesn’t try to re-invent anything and is pretty similar overall to the previous three, so if you’re looking for something fresh, you won’t find it here.  That said, if you’re a fan of the franchise, you won’t hate it either.  Given the goofy tone of the movie, I’d say it’s not going to appeal to everyone and was clearly made for the existing fans who are already in on the “joke”.  Admittedly, I had issues with the pacing, as it took almost 45 min. to get to the good killin’ fun, but it’s something I feel like most won’t have a major issue with (maybe I’m just an impatient bitch).

I’m not sure how long Green can keep this story going before it gets tired, but regardless of its minor issues, Victor Crowley is another entry into the franchise that won’t disappoint the fans.

VICTOR CROWLEY is directed by Adam Green and stars Kane Hodder, Laura Ortiz, Parry Shen,                     The film will be available on VOD and digital platforms beginning February 6th from Dark Sky Films.


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