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15 clicks of fame ‘Like Me’ movie review

Images from LIKE ME / courtesy of Kino Lorber

Like it or not sites like Youtube or social media apps like Snapchat and Instagram are here to stay. While they all provide a nice little retreat from the world before you daily, it also allows characters to rise up seeking your attention. Sometimes in the worst way. In the film from Robert Mockler LIKE ME one young lady looks to become that person. Disturbing yet relevant LIKE ME is this generations TAXI DRIVER.

In LIKE ME we meet Kiya (Addison Timlin) a lost but very arthouse influenced millennial who decides to start pranking people. She broadcasts these over the top devious acts in a way that would make the CKY audience stand up and applaud. There is clearly something wrong with Kiya and her vague and mysterious background is always on the mind of the viewer watching. Unfortunately not everyone is a fan of Kiya’s pranks and one victim in particular spends a little bit more time than he anticipated with the mischievous debutant. LIKE ME is super raw to the point where there are moments that are hard to watch. If you are a fan of indie style genre films then the format and display will be very familiar to you. The real questions begs to see if the younger audiences can find an appreciation for LIKE ME. While it’s visually invigorating and faced paced LIKE ME could also cause less focused viewers to lose interest.

LIKE ME / courtesy of Kino Lorber

LIKE ME is generational. If the films sees the right set of eyes it will gain a following similar to other films in this vein. Timlin is fantastic in the film showing her range as the bratty yet sexy Kiya. Not too many films can breathe the life of modernism into a more genre crafted feature but Mockler has been successful in doing so. Similar to the film mentioned above LIKE ME has the ability to place a stamp on this time period and all of its idiosyncrasies.


LIKE ME is directed and written by Robert Mockler. It stars Addison Timlin, Larry Fessenden and Ian Nelson. It is in limited theaters now and will be on VOD on February 20th.


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