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Skinwalker in the woods ‘Black Creek’ – movie review

There are tons of myths and lores that come from our Native American brothers and sisters. None are as captivating as the skinwalker. In the supernatural feature from James Crow BLACK CREEK, two teens visit their father’s favorite hunting grounds. Unfortunately for them and their friends it becomes a fight for survival. Even though it was a slow build up BLACK CREEK doesn’t hold back on the gore and mayhem which provides tons of entertainment.

Stop us if you heard this one before. A group a friends visit a cabin in the woods and well, people start dropping like flies. There is a possible cover up and there is more than meets the eye in this small town. Sounds familiar? Ok we thought so! What keeps the needle moving in BLACK CREEK is the body count. There is only a certain way skinwalkers can go about their business and this causes mass carnage in the film. While the acting isn’t stellar by any means  there isn’t enough time to get invested in any characters anyway. There are a few spots of humor in the film and for an indie projects the effects are pretty on point. The pace of BLACK CREEK also stands out as the viewer has no time to be distracted or Crow and crew are on to the next scene. Filmmaking like this works for the viewers of this generation just hopefully the audience will get a kick out of the deep backstory of the native american lore.

BLACK CREEK is a solid feature. It’s worth the watch if you enjoy mythology or just a good ole fashion high body count. There are a few things to appreciate in the film but at the end of the day it’s up to you on what makes the film worthwhile.


BLACK CREEK is directed by James Crow and stars Chris O’Flyng, Brianna Shae, Leah Patrick, Michael Copon, Kaylee Williams, Robert Lowe, and Michael Hill.


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