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Apocalyptic mayhem and carnage ‘Wastelander’ – movie review

WASTELANDER / Indican Pictures

Films like MAD MAX, THE ROAD, and even the festival hit TURBO KID all have their own versions of the future. Usually post apocalyptic worlds have savages battling for water, goods or other resources in order to survive. In the feature from Angelo Lopes WASTELANDER we receive a nice little indie treat filled, carnage, carnage and yes more carnage!


Viewers are either fans of films such as this or they are not. You won’t always see the larger budgeted films like BLADE RUNNER in this realm so one must look for creativity. In WASTELANDER we find that  the story of an ex soldier fending off a group known as The Scourge. Like most anti hero’s our lead played by Brendan Guy Murphy is a loner. All he wants is peace but in a world like this it’s almost as rare as a shower around these parts. One thing you can’t deny is the amount of fantastic females in the film. BTW all which are bad** not just on looks but in kicking some butt on screen. WASTELANDER is a carnival of laser guns and cyborgs and honestly what sci fi fan wouldn’t be in to that. From the Outrun stylish intro screen to back to the nostalgia zapping WASTELANDER is an 80’s kid dream or nightmare!

WASTELANDER has the potential to be a series even if it was on a digital platform. With it’s comic book feel and throwback manner there is so much more than can happen with this character. We hope that is the case as it’s a very addictive film. While it won’t possibly pop up on any best of the year list anytime soon it’s for sure worth the time. That’s only of course if you are into chicks wearing helmets and guys with eye patches running wild!


WASTELANDER is directed by Angelo Lopes and stars Brendan Guy Murphy, Jon Proudstar and Carol Cardenas. It will be available on demand right now courtesy of Indican Pictures.


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