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New tales of terror ‘10/31’ – movie review

Even though the season is time and gone there is still something to get excited for Samhain. In the latest horror anthology 10/31 we get a slew of indie horror shorts all based around our favorite holiday. The segments are hosted by the alluring Malvolia: Queen Of Screams played by Jennifer Nangle. She is a popular reviewer of short horror films and the perfect host for 10/31. While the acting isn’t spectacular 10/31 is full of good Halloween fun which mixes a GOOSEBUMPS feel mixed in with the carnage and terror of indie hits like VOLUMES OF BLOOD.

The Old Hag –

The first of the many tales is THE OLD HAG. The story follows two fellas looking to score their first break with a commercial for a bed and breakfast. Things pick up when one of the two guys starts to see a ghastly figure in the mix. The short sets the tone for the practical effects driven horror. There is a huge goosebumps type of feel to 10/31 and the first short gets you geared up for all that is to come.

Trespassers –

The second short in the feature goes the scarecrow in the field route. Clearly showcasing the more cultish portion of 10/31, its a stark reminder that sometimes a cheesy horror film on Halloween is the way to go. It was one of the gorier segments in the film so at least there’s that.


Killing the Dance –

A nice little throwback slasher to the 80’s. Possibly has one of the creepiest masks ever in a film. Think Luigi from Super Mario Brothers on bath salts. Even though it took a while to get going the the overall tone and format of the short made it stand out the most.


The Halloween Blizzard  1991

Not sure if that’s the exact title of this one but it’s battle between Halloween and Christmas in this one. There were a lot of potential with this short but it just fell through the cracks. Luckily it’s one of the shorter segments of the movie so there isn’t too much to dwell on.


The Samhain Slasher –

Out of all the shorts this one was the best saved for last. It really was the most solid of the all and finished 10/31 off nicely. Straight and to the point a Halloween party ends in murder. What else would you expect from an escaped serial killer. Good visuals throughout in this one.


10/31 won’t go down as an instant favorite but it’s solid. There are so many horror anthologies involving Halloween so this could easily get lost in the shuffle. Still if you happen to get a chance to see it have an open mind. While it doesn’t carry the weight of larger production features the true spirit and essence of the holiday is well represented. At the end isn’t that all that matters?




10/31 is written and directed by Justin Seaman and Zane Hershberger (The Barn), Brett DeJager (Bonejangles), John William Holt (The Dooms Chapel Horror) an original score and segment directed by award winning film and game composer Rocky Gray (Killing Floor 2, Volumes of Blood: Horror Stories) and features web horror host Malvolia: The Queen of Screams (Jennifer Nangle). Also on this monster roster is executive producer and creator of the Volumes of Blood franchise, P.J. Starks. It is now available on DVD and can be purchased here:  https://screamteamreleasing.com/collections/10-31-merch    



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