Horror Music

“When we sleep we dream of dead girls!”; Doyle “As We Die World Abomination Tour” show recap

DOYLE / Firebird STL

“This next post is love song and you can dance to it if you want to”. That phrase will be quaking in my ears for some time. Where have i heard it? Why does it sound familiar? As a person who has seen his fair side of the stage it beckons to me. It calls to me similar to my life as a fitness enthusiast that has always made me wonder,”what’s Doyle’s workout routine?”. Any fans of the iconic band The Misfits would know what i’m talking about. The former guitar player has always been ripped and even in this fictional year of 2018 he still is. Taking center stage is always hard to do when you have been mostly on the side of excellence but Doyle Wolfgang Von Frankenstein is the exception. Not just because he always has been, but because he has put together a solid group ready to carry on his legacy of f**king in cemeteries and dreaming of dead girls.

On rainy and somewhat dreadful Monday night in St. Louis, Mo Doyle with a selected group of three other bands filled the downtown air of the Firebird. In one of the few remaining city venues their As We Die World Abomination Tour touched down with a solid build up of Bassamp And Dano, Cycle Of Ruin and Nethersphere. While there were plenty of highlights from each of the steady groups listed there clearly was a distinct difference when Doyle started their set.


Von with bubblegum in mouth stalked around the stage while singer Alex Story weaved his tales of mayhem and deceit in front of the packed St. Louis audience.  Each song more prolific than the first than the other, the set went on full throttle with only a few mishaps. As Story noted “We broke some shit” even though only a few could tell as they waited for more from the pale painted guitarist and his trusty sideburned sidekick. It’s rare to get a chance to see metal royalty in a small venue so this was an opportunity I could not miss. As other have seen and will in other cities it’s well worth the price of admission. Just remember as the STL natives chant “party bus” in unison, that this post is really a love song and you can dance to it if you want to.



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