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‘Rusty Revolver’ drops comic; Fan signing at Dark Delicacies

There is some big news in the world of the insane spaghetti western short RUSTY REVOLVER. This award winner has been killed it on the festival scene and is now gaining a new following streaming online. RUSTY REVOLVER is a horror/thriller western about a man taking revenge on the gang that killed his parents. It was announced this week that a comic book has been launched based off the film and special signing of the cast is coming up. The signing will take place at the awesome genre memorabilia store Dark Delicacies located in Burbank. Read all the details on the signing and the announcement of the comic ahead. Look out for more news on RUSTY REVOLVER in the near future.

Something that has really been missing in Hollywood is the true resurgence of “The Western.” Rusty Revolver takes a big cowboy step into the modern universe and marries the appeal of the Spaghetti Western with the Horror/Thriller genre and on Saturday March 17th, you’ll have an opportunity to meet the writers, stars and cast of this exciting new comic book and series in development as they sign the official first edition of the new comic book series, Rusty Revolver: A New Friend, an Old Enemy!

Rusty brings together a varied cast of veteran thriller/action performers! It stars Anton Troy (Chillerama, Adam Rifkin’s Shooting the Warwicks, and Showtime’s Reality Show) as Rusty. Vernon Wells (The Road Warrior – Mad Max 2, Commando, Inner Space, Weird Science, Power Rangers) plays Deacon, a scoundrel who makes young Rusty a promise that helps formulate him into the vigilante he grows up to be as an adult. Rounding out the band of bandits and heros is Anthony De Longis (General Hospital, Fearless, Masters of the Universe) and newer upcoming rising stars Vic Stagliano (Sons of Anarchy, Ray Donovan, Burn Notice, Chronological Order) and social media sensation Amber Whittington (Lipstick the Series Cam and Amber’s Closet on YouTube). The movie was developed from a new comic book hero concept that marries horror/thriller with the more traditional western heroes of the 1960’s and 70’s. Rusty is the new anti-hero for the modern times. He’s The Punisher meets Clint Eastwood. He is an amalgamation of fandom protagonists from 80’s and 90’s evolved to become a warrior for the new age. This blend of spaghetti-western meets horror takes you on an action adventure that has you routing for this non-traditional hero, as he learns to wield his fire whip and seek out justice for his family!  

Rusty continues to gain momentum racking up another win of “Best Western” at the Anti-Hero Film Festival in Burbank CA making its LA Premiere to a packed house at Flappers Comedy Club last month. This just off the premiere at the Albuquerque New Mexico Comic Con  adding to its recent accolades of the official selection of the 2017 Seven Hills Film Festival (European Premiere in Budapest, Hungry) and Best Horror Film at the ICP Entertainment Short Film Series in New York, NY at the end of last year. Rusty is also currently streaming on limited sites and the comic is available for digital purchase on Comixology.com!

On Saturday March 17th at 4:00 PM, fans will be able to meet the cast and have their memorabilia signed. DVD’s, Comic Books and Posters will also be available for purchase!  Don’t miss this once in a lifetime opportunity to meet the creators!

For more information on the series, merchandise available for purchase or available downloads for Rusty Revolver, visit the official website:  www.rustyrevolver.com


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