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Full lineup or Cinedelphia Film Festival

This years full lineup for the Cinedelphia Film Festival has been released. Possibly the most outrageous film festival this year Cinedelphia will have everything from satanic rituals to  crazy monster themed dance party. More importantly an amazing list of films. It’s all listed ahead in the full lineup announcement.

Announcing the full lineup for the sixth annual Cinedelphia Film Festival!  The CFF is programmed in-house by the Philadelphia Mausoleum of Contemporary Art (PhilaMOCA), running April 12-30, and this year centered around the theme of “spirituality, the occult, and outsider thought”.  From a Satanic ritual to a family-friendly monster dance party, this year’s CFF is more wild than ever!

Hi-res festival poster by legendary paperback artist Jill Bauman:

Throughout the film festival the walls of PhilaMOCA will be covered in a selection of hand-painted movie posters from Ghana courtesy of Chicago’s Deadly Prey Gallery.


Thursday, April 12, 7:30 PM (Opening Night)

AN EVENING WITH THE SATANIC TEMPLE – TST founder Lucien Grieves in attendance for a live ritual and presentation followed by a screening of the Mexican cult classic ALUCARDA.


Friday, April 13, 7:00 PM

SUSPIRIA – Actress Jessica Harper in attendance for a screening of a rare, one-of-a-kind 35mm Italian print of the horror classic.  Hosted at the Lightbox Film Center.


Saturday, April 14, 12:00 PM

SATURDAY MORNING CARTOONS – The CFF present a monster-themed edition of PhilaMOCA’s popular monthly program with free sugary cereals for all.


Saturday, April 14, 7:30 PM

EERIE, INDIANA Retrospective/Reunion – The fondly-remembered 1990s television program receives a retrospective with cast members Justin Shenkarow (Simon) and Jason Marsden (Dash X) in attendance.


Saturday, April 14, 10:00 PM

VIDAR THE VAMPIRE – Philly Premiere of the wildly offensive Norwegian horror/comedy.


Sunday, April 15, 4:30 PM

INDIANA – Philly Premiere of the atmospheric American indie concerning a pair of paranormal investigators on their last case.


Sunday, April 15, 7:00 PM

I AM NOT A WITCH – Philly Premiere of the Sundance favorite focusing on the modern persecution of witches in Zambia and Ghana.


Sunday, April 15, 9:00 PM

THEY REMAIN – Philly Premiere; two scientists investigate strange happenings at the site of a ritualistic murder.


Monday, April 16, 7:30 PM

THE ALLINS – Philly Premiere; a documentary that traces the life of legendary punk rocker GG Allin as well as the family he left behind.


Tuesday, April 17, 7:30 PM

TOKUSATSU TUESDAY – The CFF program PhilaMOCA’s popular monthly showcase of Japanese superhero television programs.


Wednesday, April 18, 7:00 PM

BEST F(R)IENDS VOLUME ONE – Greg Sestero, co-star of The Room and author of The Disaster Artist, in attendance for his new film co-starring The Room creator Tommy Wiseau.


Thursday, April 19, 7:30 PM

THE ROOM live script reading – Greg Sestero leads a cast of local talents in a live script reading of the original draft of the modern cult classic.


Friday, April 20, 8:30 PM

My Life With The Thrill Kill Kult – The industrial legends perform their first two albums live in honor of their 30th Anniversary; sold out.


Saturday, April 21, 4:00 PM

MAUSOLEUM MONSTER HOP – TV legends Ghoul-A-Go-Go host a family-friendly costume dance party featuring live instrumental surf music from The Primitive Finks and The Crimson Ghosts (Misfits cover band).


Saturday, April 21, 7:00 PM

BOILED ANGELS: THE TRIAL OF MIKE DIANA – Philly Premiere of the new documentary on the first American artist to be convicted of obscenity.  Subject Mike Diana and legendary filmmaker Frank Henenlotter in attendance!


Saturday, April 21, 10:00 PM

VAMPIRE CLAY – Philly Premiere; art students in Japan battle a cursed clay in this off-the-wall horror oddity.


Sunday, April 22, 4:00 PM

PAA JOE & THE LION – An uplifting documentary on the Grandfather of Ghana’s fantasy coffin trade.


Sunday, April 22, 6:30 PM

HAGAZUSSA – A HEATHEN’S CURSE – Philly Premiere; the critically-acclaimed horror German exploration of witchcraft and pagan beliefs during the Dark Ages.


Sunday, April 22, 9:00 PM

HELLSPAWN: SHORT FILMS OF THE DAMNED – A highly curated program of short horror films, all Philly Premieres.


Monday, April 23, 7:30 PM

Philadephia Psychotronic Film Society – The CFF program an installment of Philly’s most popular film club.


Wednesday, April 25, 7:30 PM

NOVEMBER – Philly Premiere; werewolves, ancestral spirits, and magical servants inhabit this remarkable film festival sensation from Estonia.


Thursday, April 26, 7:30 PM

THE RANGER – Pennsylvania Premiere; a group of punk rockers face off with a demented park ranger in this 2018 SXSW hit. Director Jenn Wexler in attendance.


Friday, April 27, 7:00 PM

KING COHEN – Philadelphia Premiere; a documentary on cult favorite director Larry Cohen (The Stuff, It’s Alive) featuring Martin Scorsese, John Landis, and more.  Director Steve Mitchell in attendance.


Friday, April 27, 10:00 PM

ROKUROKU: THE PROMISE OF THE WITCH – North American Premiere; spirits from Japanese folklore torment modern Japan in this innovative and oddball horror film.


Saturday, April 28, 4:00 PM

ZERZURA – Philadelphia Premiere; from the creator of the Nigerian Purple Rain comes the world’s first-ever ethnographic acid western!  Featuring a Tuareg-style guitar score.


Saturday, April 28, 7:00 PM

BEST WORST MOVIE MARATHON – The return of the CFF’s popular marathon of previously unannounced crowd pleasers.  Featuring work from non-filmmakers, over-the-hill filmmakers, and just plain strange filmmakers.


Sunday, April 29, 8:00 PM

WHAM CITY COMEDY – Baltimore’s finest alt-comedy group return to the CFF with a new, video-heavy live show.


Monday, April 30, 7:30 PM

WALPURGISNACHT – A celebration on the “Night of the Witches” featuring effigy building/burning, a lecture on the history of the pagan holiday, and a screening of The Wicker Man.


The full schedule with details, trailers, and tickets links is available here:




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