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‘Cold Hell’ available on Shudder now

Today marks the release of the feature from Stefan Ruzowitzky and Martin Ambrosch COLD HELL to Shudder. The German horror follows the story of a young taxi driver, a cop and serial killer playing an intense game of cat and mouse. COLD HELL was a festival hit and now Shudder patrons are now able to see this dynamic thriller. If you don’t have Shudder click one of our links on the side of the page and get the free week that’s available. This is just one of the many fine films making its way onto the prestigious platform.

Özge (Violetta Schurawlow, HEAD FULL OF HONEY) is a young Turkish-born taxi driver, who attends evening classes and is an ambitious Thai-boxer. She trains hard and rarely speaks.

One day, Özge witnesses a brutal murder. The suspect is an unhinged serial killer, inspired by extremist Islam. Convinced that the woman has seen him, the two enter a tense life-and-death struggle that will leave neither unscathed.

In his job at the Vienna Police Department, Christian Steiner (Tobias Moretti, THE DARK VALLEY) is often contacted by people of immigrant backgrounds. Years ago, his wife left him – taking their child with her. Since then, he’s been living with his father and caring for him as best he can.

Steiner finds it very difficult to trust other people, especially women… but now, one desperately needs his help.

COLD HELL also stars Sammy Sheik (AMERICAN SNIPER), Friedrich von Thun (SCHINDLER’S LIST), and Robert Palfrader. It is directed by Academy Award-winner Stefan Ruzowitzky (THE COUNTERFEITERS) and written by Martin Ambrosch.

Today, March 15th,

COLD HELL debuts exclusively on Shudder



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