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Short Film Spotlight: Happy Easter with the horror short ‘Bad Friday’

BAD FRIDAY/ The Misty Moon Film Society and Robo Films

How about we kick off the month of April with a special Easter and April Fool’s Day treat. A new horror short from Jason Read BAD FRIDAY. You take a few old blokes, a giant killer bunny and a former porn star and well let’s just say you will never look at Easter the same. This playful little short is now available to see online courtesy of The Misty Moon Film Society and Robo Films. Take a glance at it ahead long with a small review from our own Travis Brown. Happy Easter gorehounds!

The Misty Moon Film Society and Robo Films joint production BAD FRIDAY has now been released free to view on YouTube.

During a Good Friday outing from a care home, Frankie Abbott (David Barry, “Please Sir!”) cons a giant Easter egg from a little girl in the park, and is pursued by a knife-wielding giant rabbit. He also succeeds in upsetting everyone on the outing, including Topaz (Vera Day, “Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels”), an ageing ex-stripper, who threatens to put Frankie over her knee and spank him.

“Saucy nurses, chocolate eggs, a psychotic rabbit who thinks he is Michael Myers, and an old bloke in a leather jacket… This is the stuff of nightmares!” – Stuart Morriss, Producer


Not all horror shorts have to be gruesome to be effective. While this is probably the mildest short we have ever aired its perfect for the season. Even us horror fanatics appreciate the changing of the weather and a simple but dark comedic horror is just right. No worries i’m sure next time the short will be as chaotic as ever. For now sit back enjoy a big killer bunny, chocolate egg and some good old fashion british dry humor.

-Travis Brown , Managing Director and Editor of HMU


3.0/ 5


BAD FRIDAY is directed by Jason Read and stars David Barry (Please Sir!), Vera Day (Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels), Gary Shail (Quadrophenia), Emma Dark (Seize the Night), Martin Rudman (Frankula) and Timothy Curtis.


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